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Entrepreneurship And Skill Development Association (ESDA)

Successfull Certifications Details

S.No Name of the Student Father Name Certificate
Jyoti Late Sushil Kumar Download
Satyam Negi Uttam Singh Negi Download
Sandeep Rana Late Amar Rana Download
Shravan Kumar Gupta Kamlesh Kumar Download
Bijender Singh Shyam Singh Download
Rahul Gupta P K Gupta Download
Gopal Singh Saty Singh Download
Sushant Yadav Kishan Lal Yadav Download
Anirudh Singh Dhyan Singh Download
10  Piyush Saini Jaspal Saini Download
11  Nisha Rawat Soorbir Singh Download
12  GoodMohan Nand Kumar Download
13  Deepak Mehta Bhagwat Singh Mehta Download
14  Kavita Asadu Lal Download
15  Saket Kimothi BrijMohan Kimothi Download
16  Jeenat Sajwan Rajendra Singh Download
17  Priyanka Arora Mahendra Kumar Download
18  Divya Baluni Devender Dutt Baluni Download
19  Komal Chandu Lal Download
20  Meenu Pal Jaipal Download
21  Amit Singh Rawat Balwant Singh Rawat Download
22  Jyoti Prasad Bhim Prasad Download
23  Priya Bhuiyyar Jetendra Bhuiyyar Download
24  Sarita Bhandari Dev Singh Bhandari Download
25  Amit Bhattkoti Jagdamba Prasad Download
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ESDA, Greenvision, 404 -
vishal Bhavan 95, Nehru
Place, New Delhi - 110019

Landline: 011-41808698/99
Mob No:  + 91-8800194000