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Services to the Member

• Interaction with ESDA’s renowned Members, Governments officials, international agencies and academia.

• Consultation by Experts on diverse subjects such as Employment issues, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, Advance training & Development, taxation and corporate laws.

• Regular and timely information on latest national and international policies Govt. Legislations and technical developments.

• Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of business for overall business development.

• Platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.

• Participate in the Expert Committees/Task Forces of ESDA has more than 50 National Councils which regularly take up the Issues of its Members interest in various fields with the Policy Makers.

• Networking with Indian missions and counterpart organizations across the globe.

• Web Services: information on important events organized by ESDA and other activities, press releases, membership, etc.

• Opportunity to gain mileage by becoming a sponsor/co-sponsor of ESDA’s events.

• Escort Service to Entrepreneurs setting up new projects and Technology upgradation.

• Developmental programs with special focus on Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

• Concessional fee for participating in various paid programs organised by ESDA.

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